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Published Jun 30, 2016 by James Parsons in Proxy Information

The Difference Between Residential and Datacenter Proxies

Luminati Website

Do you proxy? You must, because you’re here, wondering what the difference is between residential and datacenter […]

Are Paid Proxies Really That Much Better Than Free Proxies?

Speed Test of Proxies

The internet-age old question: Are paid proxies better than free proxies? What do you think? What does […]

What is The Best Service for Captcha Breaking with Proxies?

Death by Captcha Website

The Captcha is seen as the most universally annoying aspect of creating an account, making a purchase, […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Rotating Proxies For Ticketmaster

Rotating Ticketmaster

In the world of proxies, Ticketmaster scalping is an often tried, often failed experiment. It used to be […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Instant Setup Proxies

Instant Proxies

To use instant setup proxies or not? That is the question Shakespeare couldn’t have imagined would come […]

How Many Proxies Do I Need for My Application?

Proxies on Scrapebox

The answer to the very general question of “how many proxies do I need for my application” […]

How to Bulk Scan and Test Proxies for Ports and Speed

Proxy Scanner

IP addresses are often metaphorically described as addresses in the real world; a unique IP is akin […]

What is the Difference Between HTTP and SOCKS Proxies?

Socks and HTTP

Not all proxies are created equally. In fact, many proxies have varying levels of effectiveness in terms […]

Our SquidProxies Review of Proxy Quality and Speed


If you’re in the market for proxies, you’ll find a number of private, shared, and public options […]

The Difference Between Shared and Private Proxies

Shared vs Private Proxies

Proxies are intermediaries that are used by companies and individuals when working on the internet. Basically, a […]

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