What is the GhostProxies™ network?

Network infrastructure with privacy.

First of all, what is a proxy? A proxy server is essentially an intermediary node between you and the internet.

Proxy server IPs are commonly integrated with network infrastructure and security protocols as a middle-man to provide benefits such as firewall protection, threat management, bandwidth optimization, usage analytics and an added layer of granular access control.

Power your business and network applications through the completely anonymous GhostProxies™ network with direct fiber optic internet connections, no proxy access logs, premium proxy IPs and a simple control panel.

GhostProxies™ is the industry leader with the highest-quality proxies in the world.

How do proxies work?

Here are some of the benefits of connecting through a proxy network.

Prevent Website Blocking

Popular websites will block your IP if too many connections are coming from the same network.

Connect through dedicated proxies to keep your online reputation clean so websites don't block your network by mistake.

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Bypass blocked websites

Harden Web Security

GhostProxies™ uses a proprietary firewall configuration and DNS configuration.

This provides an added layer of protection to help prevent threats from reaching your network through your exposed public and private IP addresses.

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Stop Bandwidth Throttling

Your internet speeds can be slowed down at peak hours of the day when your applications need it the most.

Connect through static dedicated fiber optic proxies to go from throttled to full throttle.

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Stop bandwidth throttling

Need reliable and scalable proxies?

Switch your IPs to the supercharged GhostProxies™ network with instant setup.

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Dedicated Fiber Optic Proxies

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