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Using Instagram Proxies With the Top 5 Bots

Understanding social media is a requirement for a business to be successful in the modern day. No one would argue against the fact that social media gives you the ability […]

Published Jun 16, 2018

Complete Guide – How to Prevent Proxy Timeout Errors

Nothing is as frustrating as getting a timeout error when accessing a web page or application. You would think in our highly-digital world, everything should work seamlessly, but alas, things […]

Published Jun 14, 2018

Why Dedicated Proxies Are Necessary for Instagram Automation

In our always-on, hyper-connected digital world of shameless selfies, meal prepping promotion and misleading jet-setting vacation trips, anyone can become an influencer due to the possibilities from social media. Whether […]

Published Jun 12, 2018

How Can I Find the Right Provider for Shopify Proxies?

Shopify proxies

What happened the last time you wanted to cop fresh sneakers from a Shopify website? Here’s a wild guess – the site crashed, and by the time it came back […]

Published Jun 11, 2018

Why Your Proxies Are Blocked by Search Engines

When most people think of proxies they think of an anonymous agent, something that hides your identity from snooping eyes. This is an entirely accurate concept. Proxies supplant your unique […]

Published Jun 09, 2018

How to Scrape LinkedIn Using Proxies

LinkedIn scraping blocked

With over 450 million users, LinkedIn is the digital rolodex of the modern age. If you don’t have an account you should probably get one. You can rub shoulders with […]

Published Jun 07, 2018

5 Ways to Use Proxies for Pokemon Go Hacking

Pokemon Go is perhaps the most talked-about app (or video game) ever released. That’s debatable and I have no proof, but if social feeds, major news outlets, and estimated downloads […]

Published Nov 04, 2016

Which Proxies Work Best for SEnukeX and Xrumer?

Which Proxies Work Best for SENnukeX and Xrumer? If you’re looking to perform some dark web magic, you’ll probably begin with proxies. You don’t want anyone to know the magic […]

Published Nov 02, 2016

Using Pinbot and Private Proxies to Automate Pinterest

Pinbot Illustration

The automation of social networking is a subject with many connotations, rules and practices. Using services like Pinbot to automate Pinterest requires a certain mentality, one I can assume you […]

Published Jul 28, 2016

5 Ways to Earn More Bitcoin With Proxies

Earn More Bitcoin

You like the dark corners of the internet, don’t you? The crawl spaces meant for those with late-night coding addictions, stacks of cash and silver bars hidden around the house, […]

Published Jul 25, 2016

How to Use Proxies to Boost Your SoundCloud Plays

Soundcloud Plays Illustration

Some musicians are natural-born marketers, but most of the time they’re not. The musicians I know tend to work odd jobs, play gigs on weeknights, jam in every moment they […]

Published Jul 22, 2016

Username and Password or IP Authentication: Which is Better?

Guy Fawkes Proxies

The wonderful world of proxies is centered around one key concept: anonymity. People get proxies to be anonymous online. It’s a bit like wearing the Guy Fawkes mask every time […]

Published Jul 19, 2016

Advantages of Using Proxies with Proxifier

Proxifier Website

So you’re a proxy person. You enjoy entering IP addresses, scouring the internet for batches of free proxies, downloading content and accessing the internet under the guise of anonymity. I […]

Published Jul 16, 2016

How to Use Private Proxies and a VPN Simultaneously

Proxies and VPNs

What used to be associated with black hat practice has, in recent years, become common for every day people. VPNs and private proxies became a tool for the masses. Few […]

Published Jul 09, 2016

The Difference Between Residential and Datacenter Proxies

Luminati Website

Do you proxy? You must, because you’re here, wondering what the difference is between residential and datacenter proxies, which is a pretty specific line of questioning. You most likely saw […]

Published Jun 30, 2016

Are Paid Proxies Really That Much Better Than Free Proxies?

Speed Test of Proxies

The internet-age old question: Are paid proxies better than free proxies? What do you think? What does your gut tell you? What usually happens when the same general product is […]

Published Jun 26, 2016

Shopping and Selling on eBay with Proxies to Avoid Bans

eBay Proxies

In the world of online sales and resales, eBay is king. You can find pretty much anything on the site, and many people make entire careers out of the money […]

Published Jun 23, 2016

What’s The Difference Between a Proxy and a VPN?

VPN vs Proxies

Anonymity is the name of the game, and you’ve come here to figure out just what type of anonymity you need. Proxies and VPNs are very similar services on the […]

Published Jun 21, 2016

9 Reasons Your Proxies Stopped Working Correctly

Proxy Stopped Working

You went to sleep with all your proxy settings in place, your monitor switched off or dimmed down, the CPU purring into the night. You slept well knowing you’d have […]

Published Jun 16, 2016

How Do I Unblock Facebook Using Proxies?

Facebook Blocked by Proxies

Facebook is regarded as social media’s top dog throughout the world. In just over 10 years the website has led the way for an entirely new social experience, encompassing more […]

Published Jun 11, 2016

How to Automatically Switch Proxies From a List of IPs

Browser Proxy Switchers

If you’ve come to this article it means you’re using proxies. Congratulations. How’s all that anonymity treating you? It also means that you probably have multiple proxies, and it’s getting […]

Published Jun 07, 2016

What is The Best Service for Captcha Breaking with Proxies?

Death by Captcha Website

The Captcha is seen as the most universally annoying aspect of creating an account, making a purchase, or commenting online. Sitting there, proving your humanity by entering warped words or […]

Published Jun 03, 2016

How to Find Proxies to Use With SEO Software

You know how war is an art? Well, lot’s of things are an art, especially Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’ll spare you the basic lecture on SEO because if you’re […]

Published May 24, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Need Rotating Proxies For Ticketmaster

Rotating Ticketmaster

2018 Update: Rotating & backconnect proxy IPs will no longer work on Ticketmaster due to bans from shared IP pools. You’ll need premium truly dedicated proxies here In the world […]

Published May 20, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Using Instant Setup Proxies

Instant Proxies

To use instant setup proxies or not? That is the question Shakespeare couldn’t have imagined would come to wrack the late-night tech-junkie more than anything. I get it. You need […]

Published May 15, 2016

Using Proxies to Scrape Whois Domain Data

Whois Registration Data

Proxies are used for an awful lot of things. Illegal, legal, grey areas — you name it, proxies will be there. They’re a constant middle man to the portals of […]

Published May 12, 2016

How Many Proxies Do I Need for My Application?

Proxies on Scrapebox

The answer to the very general question of “how many proxies do I need for my application” is exactly what you thought it would be: it depends. This is actually […]

Published May 09, 2016

Using Proxies to Stream Netflix and YouTube From Any Country

Netflix Not Available

Netflix and YouTube are two of the largest media streaming services on the planet. If you want to watch a superhero movie, a detective show, or a ridiculous cat video, […]

Published May 07, 2016

How to Use Igerslike to Bulk Manage Instagram Accounts


It’s no secret that social media is one of the premier avenues for growing a brand today. While Twitter and Facebook are the two juggernauts in the field, Instagram has […]

Published May 05, 2016

How to Bulk Scan and Test Proxies for Ports and Speed

Proxy Scanner

Update: ICMP / ping must be enabled for some speed tests, otherwise latency checking will fail. Please check that ICMP / ping is enabled with your provider before running a […]

Published May 01, 2016

What is the Difference Between HTTP and SOCKS Proxies?

Socks and HTTP

Not all proxies are created equally. In fact, many proxies have varying levels of effectiveness in terms of speed, security, and routing protocols that make them quite different for users. […]

Published Apr 28, 2016

Preventing Bans and Captchas When Scraping Google

Google Security Challenge

The last thing you need when collecting large volumes of data from Google is an IP ban. The second-to-last thing you need is a captcha checking in on your human-ness. […]

Published Apr 25, 2016

Our SquidProxies Review of Proxy Quality and Speed


If you’re in the market for proxies, you’ll find a number of private, shared, and public options available online. It can be difficult to wade through it all, even if […]

Published Apr 19, 2016

15+ Ways to Make Money with Proxies

Making Money with Proxies

So you just bought your first proxy. Maybe a batch of ten. You’re sitting there, reveling in the anticipatory anonymity that awaits you. After enabling the proxy you test a […]

Published Apr 13, 2016

Is It Possible to Find Reliable and Working Public Proxies?

Proxy Scraping

There are a multitude of proxy server lists that can easily be found with a simple Google search. Every day, even every hour, new proxy servers pop-up and some last […]

Published Apr 05, 2016

Setting Up Your Own Private Proxies from Home

Self Hosted Proxies

Corporate networks almost always employ proxy servers. But personal computers or networks may overlook this handy solution to gain access to blocked websites. The primary reason for not putting in […]

Published Apr 03, 2016

The Difference Between Shared and Private Proxies

Shared vs Private Proxies

Proxies are intermediaries that are used by companies and individuals when working on the internet. Basically, a proxy server acts as a buffer between you and the internet. Proxies allow […]

Published Mar 29, 2016

How to Get Your Proxies Working With Follow Liker

Follow Liker

If you are a marketer who is engaged in powerful social media tools (and these days, who can afford not to be), then you already know about Follow Liker. This […]

Published Mar 26, 2016

Why the Harvester on Your ScrapeBox Isn’t Working

Scrapebox Harvester Not Working

If you are reading this post, you likely already are familiar with ScrapeBox, dubbed by the company itself as “The Swiss Army Knife of SEO” for its versatility and wide […]

Published Mar 24, 2016

How to Use Proxies to Create Bulk Social Accounts

Bulk Create Social Accounts

No one would question that the popularity of the social media space is increasing every day. Data reveals that 58% of Americans use some sort of social network. For content […]

Published Mar 19, 2016

What Causes Proxy Connections to Time Out?

Proxies Timing Out

The purpose and usefulness of proxy servers has become a well-known internet tool.  Using an intermediary between your computer and the “world wide web” is almost a necessary tool in today’s technology-driven world. […]

Published Mar 16, 2016

How Reverse Proxies and Backconnect Proxies Work

Backconnect Proxies

99% of the time, when someone is talking about proxies, they’re just talking about normal, regular, every-day proxy connections. There are other types of proxies, though, and it would be […]

Published Mar 10, 2016

How to Use Proxies to Surf Tor Anonymously

Tor and Proxies

Tor is an interesting concept. The idea of layered connection bouncing through an anonymized network with semi-random exit nodes is a good one, when it comes to security. You essentially […]

Published Feb 24, 2016

The Definitive Tutorial on Setting Up Zennoposter


Zennoposter is one of the many tools to arrive in the recent trend of automating various internet marketing tasks. While the idea of automation itself isn’t new, Zennoposter’s complete lack […]

Published Jan 28, 2016

Proxy Servers: Setup and Configuration Guide

Proxy Setting Configuration

A proxy can be defined as anything that can be used to represent something or someone else. For instance, there are a few daytime television shows that have a backup cast […]

Published Jan 11, 2016

How to Fix an “Err Tunnel Connection Failed” Proxy Error

When you’re dealing with web proxies, you’re liable to encounter a wide range of possible errors. This is primarily because the web was not designed with the use of proxies […]

Published Dec 14, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Proxy Compatibility

Proxy Compatibility

The world of proxy connections can be quite complex when you’re getting into automating software and connections. It’s easy enough to use a proxy for web browsing, but what about […]

Published Nov 30, 2015

33+ Ways to Use Proxies to Get More Backlinks

Link Building with Proxies

Link building is a controversial subject.  On one hand, you can use spam link building as a black hat technique to churn and burn sites and rank money sites.  Sure, […]

Published Nov 19, 2015

How to Prevent Your Proxies from Being Banned

Proxy Google Blocked

Pretty much any time you’re using high quality proxies in any significant number, you’re doing it because you want to use some kind of bot. You’re harvesting data, you’re performing […]

Published Nov 10, 2015

How People Use Proxies to Buy Nike and Supreme Shoes

Rare Shoes

If you’re not big on shoe culture, you might wonder what I’m even talking about here. If you are into the scene, you’ll know what I mean when I say […]

Published Oct 24, 2015

How to Use Proxies in China to Bypass Blocks and Filters

The Great Firewall of China

China is something of an oddity amongst first world nations today. They’re one of the most industrialized and advanced nations on Earth in many respects, but there are all sorts […]

Published Sep 30, 2015

The Internet Ran Out of IP Addresses

Infographic Thumbnail

Embed this infographic in a blog post: Credits: Created by Embed this infographic in a blog post: Credits: Created by The Internet has reached a crisis point, and […]

Published Sep 22, 2015

7 Things to Know Before Scraping Amazon Product Results

Amazon Banned

There are a lot of reasons you might want to scrape data from Amazon. As a competing retailer, you might want to keep a database of their pricing data, so […]

Published Sep 14, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Scraping Craigslist Data with Software

Craigslist Scraping 101

Craigslist is a notoriously difficult site to use for data harvesting, because of how they have everything set up. There’s no easy way to scrape data, at all. On most […]

Published Sep 02, 2015

How to Use Multiple Proxies with CURL

Proxies with CURL

When many people think of web proxies, they think of borderline illegal activities. There’s something of a bad reputation generated by spambots, black hat SEOs, and 4chan hackers. When proxies […]

Published Aug 05, 2015

Which Proxies Should I Use for GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker)?

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a powerful tool when used appropriately. When used poorly, it can come back to bite you in the ass, hard. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to […]

Published Apr 09, 2015

How Many of The Internet’s Users are Fake

Via: This code links back to The old metaphor for the Internet was an information superhighway. Real highways have anywhere from two to a half-dozen or so lanes, […]

Published Mar 26, 2015

Setting Up Proxies in the Top 5 Web Browsers

Today, using the Internet has never been easier. Now that most places incorporate Wireless Internet, you can just turn on your computer, click “Find A Network” and then you are […]

Published Apr 04, 2014

Bypass Blocked Websites with Private Proxies

Disclaimer: This article does not condone illegal proxy usage. Please abide by all proxy laws and court rulings in your country. The Internet offers a wide range of content that […]

Published Mar 30, 2014

Are Private Proxies Legal in the US?

Private proxies are one of the most popular tools for privacy-savvy web users to remain anonymous online. They allow individuals to filter web access from one server to another, accessing […]

Published Jan 21, 2014

What is an Elite Proxy?

Almost everyone uses a computer at some point in their day, but not everyone understands the tech jargon a typical computer expert is likely to use. In particular, “proxy” is […]

Published Jan 17, 2014

How to Detect Proxy Anonymity Level Using PHP

When building apps that involve scraping, downloading data and automation, staying completely anonymous can be a huge concern for developers. Although there are many different proxy checkers out there, most […]

Published Jan 06, 2014

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