Dedicated Fiber Optic Proxies

How Many Broadband Proxy IPs?

  • Dedicated IPs with Tier-1 ISP
  • 1G Fiber Optic Broadband Lines
  • Unlimited Threads
  • Unlimited Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Diverse IPv4 Subnets
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Control Panel and API

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You've never used proxies like these.

Buy premium dedicated proxies with direct fiber optic broadband internet access.

High Performance

Our industry-leading proxies are configured for millions of connections with ultra-fast fiber optic speeds and dedicated bandwidth.

Instant Access

Start using your dedicated proxies instantly after payment confirmation with automatic setup instead of waiting for days.

Replace Proxies Instantly

Instantly replace any of your proxies within your panel and set a custom schedule for automatic IP replacements.

Uptime Guaranteed

99%+ uptime is guaranteed across all of our proxy servers to ensure reliable service without excessive downtime or dead ports.

No Throttling or Limits

Our premium proxy IPs and server configurations don't use thread limits, device limits, bandwidth throttling or restricted websites.

Flexible Authentication

IP whitelisting and username / password authentication is available for simultaneous use in your control panel.

Complete Privacy

All elite proxies are high-anonymous and we don't store any proxy access logs to respect your privacy.

No Backconnect Gateways

We provide direct access to your static ISP proxy IPs for full control instead of using a rotating gateway.

Premium Tier-1 IPs

We know maintaining clean IPs and multiple subnets are important factors for a working proxy service.

Custom Control Panel

Manage and scale your isp proxies in our simple, powerful dashboard built from the ground up.

We're Not Resellers

We're one of the few providers with full root access to maintain hundreds of thousands of proxies.


Our premium isp proxy IPs are optimized for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 connections simultaneously.

How can you use dedicated broadband proxies?

Here are some common use cases for our enterprise-grade USA proxy network.

Scraping proxy icon

Web Data Extraction

Quickly and compliantly scrape, crawl, browse and process data at scale while eliminating bottlenecks and delays.

App testing proxy icon

Secure Gateway

Test and integrate our robust and diverse proxy IP network with your applications, load balancers and enterprise firewalls.

Price monitoring proxy icon

Price Monitoring

Retrieve a broad, accurate scope of competitive product pricing data from multiple IPs.

Reputation management proxy icon

Reputation Management

Protect your brand's reputation by actively monitoring online reviews, mentions and intellectual property.

Common questions about our proxies.

What is a dedicated fiber optic proxy?

A dedicated fiber optic proxy is a dedicated HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxy server that is guaranteed to use premium IPs from a tier-1 broadband Internet Service Provider rather than a web hosting provider or cloud platform.

Are these residential proxies?

Our dedicated ISP proxies use direct 1G fiber optic broadband lines, which are often grouped with DSL, cable and mobile connections. This means you'll receive virtually all of the benefits of using this type of proxy IP without the slow shared residential connection speeds or dynamic IP rotations.

Do your proxies support SOCKS?

Yes, our static ISP proxies currently support SOCKS 5, HTTP and HTTPS.

Do your proxies work with [specific website]?

If you're not sure if our proxies will work with a specific website, please order a plan and use our 3-day risk-free period to test our service. You can request an upgrade to a larger quantity of proxies if it works well for your use case, or request a refund if it doesn't.

Are these IPs dedicated or shared?

Our static ISP proxy IPs are dedicated and each IP will be sold to only one user at a time (to keep the IP quality ultra-high).

Can I test a proxy before purchasing?

All plans include a 3-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

I don't need 100 proxies. Can I order a smaller plan?

No, the minimum quantity for new orders is 100 proxies.

Are your proxies secure?

Yes, our proxies are protected with IP whitelisting and/or username:password authentication. Our tier-1 ISP proxies also support SSL and use a custom firewall to help protect you against attacks and malicious sources while browsing.

Do these proxies support IPv6?

Not at the moment, but full IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack support is coming very soon, with a full residential /64 mapped to each IPv4 IP at no extra cost.

How will I receive my proxies?

New orders will be delivered through our control panel instantly after payment confirmation. Orders paid by eCheck will be delayed until the final payment clears. Please contact us for any other inquiries or support issues.

Can I replace my static ISP proxies at any time?

Yes, we allow instant replacements in our control panel (once every 2 weeks).

Can I schedule automatic replacements?

Yes, you can set automatic replacements for specific static ISP proxies every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 months, etc.

Do your proxies have any restrictions?

The browser / software you're using should support HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS 5 requests. All outbound ports are open, but spam and abuse are strictly forbidden.

Do you block or throttle any specific websites on your ISP proxy servers?


Can I cancel my proxies at any time?

Yes, you can order with a one-time payment to avoid cancellation issues, or you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account or by contacting us and requesting cancellation.

Need more than 500 static IPs?

Bulk dedicated ISP proxies

Bulk Dedicated Fiber Optic Proxies

Buy 1,000+ premium dedicated ISP proxies at discounted wholesale rates.

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