DMCA and Abuse

Minimizing abuse on the GhostProxies™ network is a top priority in order to continue providing quality service at the highest standard for long-term use.

How to Report Abuse

In full compliance with any and all alleged abuse claims, if you believe any GhostProxies product and/or service was used for intentional infringement on your intellectual property rights, or for any other malicious purpose, please contact us with full details of the alleged abuse violation / infringement.

These details should include:

  • A complete list of URLs that contain the infringed content with timestamps of each infringing request and/or response.
  • A complete list of IP addresses that were used to infringe and/or abuse the content from these URLs.
  • Logs including details such as the type of malicious requests, duration of abuse, etc.
  • Your relation to (and rights to) file an abuse claim for the alleged infringed content.

We may also require proof of repeat infringement or abuse to allow us to identify the source of the infringement and avoid taking action on potential cases of false positives, fraudulent claims and/or fixable technical issues.

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