Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these FAQs before contacting us. We encourage you to contact us if your question is not answered here.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server "middle man" that connects users to other servers. For example, every time you access a website, your server is accessing information from the website's server. When using a proxy, you are connecting to a different IP (or location) and that location is connecting to the website, therefore masking your online identity. Proxies are commonly used with your computer's network connections settings, proxy-switching browser extensions or software that involves web crawling.

Can I test one of your proxies before purchasing?

Of course! You can sign up for free and request a free proxy trial for 24 hours. Trial eligibility will be subject to individual requirements.

Are your proxies dedicated?

Yes, we are one of the few providers with truly dedicated proxies. Other providers will share IPs without telling customers for more profit. Your proxy IPs will be dedicated and not shared with other customers (unless agreed to otherwise via email, Skype, etc).

How will I receive my proxies?

New orders will be delivered via email and through our control panel. contact us for any other inquiries or support issues.

Can I replace my proxies if they get banned?

Yes, we can provide monthly replacements for any banned proxies on request. If you require bulk replacements on a frequent basis, we can provide your proxies as reverse gateway IPs (IP auth only) that will route to each dedicated proxy automatically.

How do I use my proxies?

Because of the vast difference in internet browsers, software and versions of those browsers / software, we ask that you research for directions on how to use proxies with your specific browser or software. Our dedicated proxies are authenticated via username:password access and you may also request custom IP whitelisting.

Do your proxies have any restrictions?

Besides our terms of service, there are no restrictions whatsoever as long as the browser / software you are using supports HTTP or HTTPS ports. There are a few technical limitations; mailing ports, IRC ports, torrenting ports, etc. are blocked. You may not violate our appropriate use policy.

Port 8888 - Fast
Port 80 - Supercharged

Seeing connection errors and need higher availability? Try lowering your threads, increasing your timeout settings or contact us for help.

Most browser speed test applications will not work with our proxies because ICMP / ping is disabled for security purposes.

How do I report any errors with proxy allocation or system errors?

Please contact us at an we'll promptly correct any potential errors.

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