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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a web gateway server that connects users to other servers. For example, every time you access a website, your server (or network) is accessing information from the website's server. When using a proxy, you are connecting to a different IP (or location) and that location is connecting to the website, therefore protecting your real IP address and network (while automatically blocking threats and preventing website blocks). Proxies are commonly used with your computer's network connection settings, proxy-switching browser extensions or software.

Do your proxies support SOCKS?

Yes, our proxies currently support SOCKS 5, HTTP and HTTPS.

Can I test one of your premium proxies before purchasing?

You can order just 1 dedicated proxy for only $6 which includes a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Are your proxies dedicated?

Your dedicated proxy IPs will never be shared with other customers. Please do not share your account credentials, proxy list or API URL with anyone unless you need to grant others access to your list of proxies. If you notice any duplicate IPs in your control panel, please notify us of the issue immediately (although we verify all proxies are dedicated on a regular basis).

Are your proxies secure?

Yes, you'll have real web security with our proxies. We don't open any potential security issues or risk exposing any sensitive information.

How will I receive my proxies?

New orders will be delivered through our control panel instantly after payment confirmation. Please contact us for any other inquiries or support issues.

Can I replace my proxies?

Yes, we allow instant replacements in our control panel as frequently as twice per month. Reverse proxy gateways are available on request so connections to your proxy list will be load-balanced and randomized through a single proxy gateway (with a different exit IP for each new connection).

How do I use my proxies?

Because of the differences in internet browsers, software and specific versions of those browsers / software, we ask that you research for directions on how to use proxies with your specific browser or software. Our dedicated proxies are authenticated via IP whitelisting and/or username:password access from any IP.

Do your proxies have any restrictions?

The browser / software you're using should support HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS 5 requests. All outbound ports are open, but spam and abuse are strictly forbidden.

Most browser speed test applications will not work with our proxies, so we recommend using alternate speed testing scripts with your HTTP client.

Do you block or throttle any specific websites on your proxy servers?

Absolutely not!

How do I cancel my proxies?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account or contacting us and requesting cancellation.