Private semi-dedicated proxies.

Buy affordable private semi-dedicated proxies with unlimited bandwidth, semi-dedicated access, no connection limits and diverse subnets.

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Starting at $2.50/mo

Affordable proxies with diverse IP locations.


Our premium proxy IPs are optimized for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 connections simultaneously.

Instant Access

Start using your semi-dedicated proxies instantly after payment confirmation with automatic setup instead of waiting for days.

Instant Replacements

Instantly replace any of your proxies within your panel and set a custom schedule for automatic IP replacements.

Great Performance

Our semi-dedicated proxy servers are configured for high concurrency, fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

No Throttling or Limits

Our premium proxy IPs and server configurations don't use thread limits, device limits or bandwidth throttling.

Flexible Authentication

IP whitelisting and username / password authentication is available for simultaneous use in your control panel.

Complete Privacy

All elite proxies are high-anonymous and we don't store any access logs for your proxies to respect your privacy.

Custom Control Panel

Manage and configure your proxies in our simple, powerful proxy management dashboard. See Features

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Semi-dedicated proxy FAQs.

Which semi-dedicated IP locations are available?

Below is a list of our dedicated proxy IP locations that are currently available to order.

You'll receive a mix of IP locations by default and you can replace them with specific locations in your control panel.

IP locations are labeled as the connected server's physical location.

IPs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
IPs in Coral Springs, Florida
IPs in Chicago, Illinois
IPs in Cork, Munster

What is a semi-dedicated proxy?

A semi-dedicated proxy is a private HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxy server that is protected with username:password or IP whitelisting authentication. Semi-dedicated proxies use IPs that are sold to a small group of users at a time instead of using dedicated IPs.

Are these residential proxies?

No, none of our semi-dedicated proxy IPs are residential.

Do your proxies support SOCKS?

Yes, our semi-dedicated proxies currently support SOCKS 5, HTTP and HTTPS.

Do your proxies work with [specific website]?

If you're not sure these semi-dedicated proxies will work for a specific purpose, please order a plan and use our 3-day risk-free period to test our service. You can request an upgrade to a larger quantity of semi-dedicated proxies if it works well for your use case, or request a refund if it doesn't.

Are these IPs dedicated or shared?

These semi-dedicated proxy IPs are sold to only a small group of users at a time.

If you need premium dedicated IPs, please order dedicated proxies instead

Can I test a proxy before purchasing?

Yes, all semi-dedicated proxy plans include a 3-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can evaluate our proxies risk-free.

How will I receive my proxies?

New orders will be delivered through our control panel instantly after payment confirmation. Orders paid by eCheck will be delayed until the final payment clears. Please contact us for any other inquiries or support issues.

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Can I replace my proxies at any time?

Yes, we allow instant replacements in our control panel (once every 2 weeks).

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Can I schedule automatic replacements?

Yes, you can set automatic replacements for specific proxies every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 months, etc.

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Are these automatically rotating IPs from a shared pool?

No, our premium semi-dedicated proxy IPs are static.

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Do your semi-dedicated proxies have any restrictions?

The browser / software you're using should support HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS 5 requests. All outbound ports are open, but spam and abuse are strictly forbidden.

Do you block or throttle any specific websites on your proxies?


Can I cancel my proxies at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your control panel or by contacting us and requesting cancellation.

You can also submit a one-time payment to avoid recurring cancellation issues.

Try the GhostProxies™ network with a 3-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.