Proxy Network Status Online - November 2018 Uptime Status 99.93%

Service Level Agreement

Last updated: November 5th, 2018 @ 8:17am PST.

The following service-level agreement (the "Service Level Agreement", or "SLA") forms a binding agreement between you and us, starting on September 3rd, 2018. The terms "GhostProxies", "Provider", "us", "we" or "our" refers to, who offers Services (as defined at The terms "Customer", "you" or "your" refer to the person or legal business entity accessing or using the Site and Services, or the company or organization on whose behalf that person accesses the Site and Services.

This SLA applies to your use of our Services and may be amended at any time by us.

Provider Obligations


The monthly average for Service uptime is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 99.90% by the month's end (as tracked and displayed on Service uptime is checked every 5 minutes and is not affected by client-side software and/or application issues, such as user authentication delays, connection timeouts, website errors and/or connection errors related to client-side software. Total monthly service uptime is calculated as an average between all active proxies.


On rare occasion, Provider may provide proxy replacements to avoid potential downtime from problematic server configurations, maintenance, system errors, faulty disks, rebooting, etc.


We do not guarantee use of our Services with any third party scripts, software, components, plugins, libraries, modules or applications, although we will provide full technical support to the best of our ability. If you're unsure if our Service will work for your purpose, please order 1 proxy to start with a full 3-day refund guarantee.

Customer Obligations

You agree to:

  • Report any Service issues or inquiries through with relevant information to allow us to provide efficient and helpful support (e.g. specific error messages, software details, configuration details, screenshots, etc).
  • Store your GhostProxies account and Service access credentials in a safe place to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Use our Services in compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy, Terms of Service and all relevant laws and/or governing authorities.

Penalty for Breach

If Provider does not meet the requirements as defined in the SLA, Customer may request a refund for the previous month's Services, only for the relevent Services affected by the breach of SLA.

Requests for payment refunds due to breach of SLA may be filed within 5 days after the payment term's end. Refunds for breach of SLA do not apply to Service or subscription terms exceeding 1 month.