Why GhostProxies™?

Proxies done right.

The reliable proxy service you've always wanted.

How can you scale your network operations and applications with reliable long-term proxy servers that just work?

Too many proxy providers have poor configurations, hidden bandwidth limitations, complicated pricing, upstream congestion, oversaturation of users and low-quality shared IP pools, which can cause slow speeds, connection errors and inaccurate data.

GhostProxies™ is the solution to these problems with dedicated fiber optic proxies.

Never settle for mediocre proxies.

GhostProxies™ is simply the best dedicated proxy network.

Premium Proxy IPs Only

Dedicated fiber optic proxy IPs are held to the highest standard for long-term business and personal use.

Instead of being the "one-size-fits-all" solution, GhostProxies™ only focuses on providing the highest quality proxies possible.

You can even verify that your dedicated proxy IPs aren't shared with anyone else using a free dedicated proxy checker tool.

Advanced Control Panel and API

Avoid manual proxy management and retrieve the most current version of your proxy lists in multiple formats, including JSON and XML.

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Not Proxy Resellers

Reduce server maintenance costs and save time by integrating the fully-managed GhostProxies™ IP network infrastructure.

Are you a proxy provider?

Exclusive Access

Dedicated fiber proxies are kept exclusive to ensure you'll be among serious developers, internet enthusiasts, marketing experts and enterprise customers who take their proxies seriously.

Get started now and access the most capable dedicated proxies on the planet.

What makes GhostProxies™ the best?

PhantomPacket™ Firewall

These secure proxy gateways will automatically load balance and handle malicious external attacks using a proprietary firewall without limiting or impacting proxy performance.

BansheeTune™ Configuration

These dedicated fiber optic proxies are custom-tuned perfectly for scale and speed to allow for enterprise-level request volume with minimal packet loss.

GhostProxies™ is capable of scaling to billions of requests per day with a large number of static proxy IPs.

Internal DNS resolution is used for maximum performance, anonymity and security.

Dynamic Syncing

Your per-proxy access controls and configuration settings will sync within minutes across the entire GhostProxies™ infrastructure at any scale.

The custom, seamless proxy reconfiguration process ensures no downtime for other proxy IPs while your authentication details are applied.

No Caching

Data is gold, but inaccurate data is fool's gold.

Static content caching is disabled on all proxy server configurations, so you'll always receive fresh, accurate data without the possibility of outdated results.

Advanced Granular Control

Avoid the convoluted process of contracts, whitepapers and complicated demos. All new proxy orders are provided with an automated control panel and API so you can get started instantly after payment confirmation.

Don't limit yourself to global account access controls. Whitelist separate IPs, create multiple user authentication methods and replace proxies instantly on a per-proxy basis.

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