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Why Us?

We simply provide the fastest and most reliable proxy solutions at any scale.

Never settle for mediocre proxies.

See why we're the industry leader among hundreds of proxy providers.

Clean Proxy IPs

Our main priority is keeping our IPs clean to the highest standard for long-term use. You'll always have unparalleled proxy quality for your business or personal use.

Robust API

Avoid manual proxy management and retrieve the most current version of your dedicated proxy list in multiple formats, including JSON and XML, with no rate limiting.

Not Resellers

We've been providing proxies for over 5 years and maintain hundreds of thousands of proxies for 10,000+ happy clients. Avoid the middle-men and reduce maintenance costs with our fully-managed proxy infrastructure.

Highest Quality

We'll never share your dedicated or residential proxies with other customers or provide any low-quality proxies. We also keep a large reserve of proxies so your requested proxy IP replacements are hassle-free.

Exclusive Access

We keep our proxies exclusive to ensure you'll be among serious developers, internet enthusiasts, marketing experts and enterprise customers who take their proxies seriously.

Powerful Server Hardware

We use powerful dedicated servers instead of cutting costs with cheap micro servers.

Proxies built for speed and performance.

Eliminate bottnecks while browsing and processing data with no connection limits.

Unlock the power of data with private dedicated elite proxies for unlimited market intelligence, accurate price monitoring and data aggregation for AI & ML.

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Data collection and web security done right.

The Problem

Many popular proxy services have security vulnerabilities, hidden limitations, poor configurations, high prices and oversaturation of low-quality IP addresses, which can open problems such as throttled speeds, connection errors, inaccurate data and blocked URLs.

This is a concern for individuals and businesses looking to protect and optimize their network operations with secure proxies.

The Solution

GhostProxies™ is the only high-performance web security solution to process bandwidth-intensive operations at any scale with flat-rate pricing, while simultaneously protecting your IP address from common cyber attacks and usage tracking - all managed from an elegant web interface.

Why use GhostProxies™?

We use custom-built, reliable technology to manage our growing proxy service.

PhantomPacket™ Firewall

Our secure web gateway will automatically filter out attacks and malicious sources using a proprietary firewall without limiting or impacting proxy performance.

BansheeTune™ Configuration

Our hosted servers are load-balanced and custom-tuned for scale to allow for enterprise-level request volume.

Dynamic Syncing

Your access controls and configuration settings will sync within minutes across our entire proxy infrastructure at any scale with no downtime.

Easy Integration

Avoid the convoluted process of contracts, whitepapers and complicated demos. All new proxy orders are provided via a robust control panel and API so you can get started instantly.

Advanced Granular Control

Don't limit yourself to global account access controls. Whitelist separate IPs, create multiple user authentication methods and replace proxies on a per-proxy basis.

Why use a dedicated proxy?

Here are some of the fundamental benefits of using our dedicated proxy solutions.

Bypass blocked websites

Prevent Website Blocking

Popular websites will block your IP if too many connections are coming from the same network.

Connect through a dedicated proxy to keep your online reputation clean so websites don't block you by mistake when using a shared network or VPN.

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Harden Web Security

Just using a VPN isn't enough for cybersecurity and may expose your real IP to threats while you browse the web.

Our dedicated proxies use a proprietary firewall configuration to protect your IP address and automatically block threats from reaching your network.

Secure Your Network
Protect my IP
Stop bandwidth throttling

Stop Bandwidth Throttling

Your internet speeds can be throttled and slowed down at peak hours of the day when you need it the most, even if you're using a VPN.

Use a dedicated proxy to go from throttled to full throttle. Maximize your internet speed so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Are you collecting data or browsing the web?

Switch to our supercharged proxy network with instant setup.