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Why Us?

We're the industry-leading provider for quality proxy services.

Proxies and web security made easy.

Using proxies can be complicated. We make it simple and affordable.

The Problem

Many popular proxy services have security vulnerabilities, hidden limitations, poor configurations, and oversaturation of low-quality IP addresses, which can open problems such as throttled speeds, connection errors, inaccurate data and blocked URLs.

This is a concern for individuals and businesses looking to protect and optimize their network performance with secure dedicated proxies.

The Solution

GhostProxies is the first performance-centric web security solution to process bandwidth-intensive operations at any scale while simultaneously protecting your IP address and network from common cyber attacks and usage tracking - all managed from an elegant web interface.

Why Use GhostProxies?

We use custom-built, reliable technology to manage our growing proxy service.

PhantomPacket ™ Firewall

Our secure web gateway will automatically filter out attacks and malicious sources using a proprietary firewall with no proxy performance impact.

BansheeTune ™ Configuration

Our hosted servers are always tested and custom-tuned to allow for enterprise-level request volume while simultaneously protecting your network from various attack threats.

Dynamic Syncing

Your access controls and configuration settings will sync within minutes across our entire infrastructure at any scale.

Easy Integration

Avoid the convoluted process of whitepapers and complicated demos. All new proxy orders are provided via a robust control panel and API so you can get started instantly.

Advanced Granular Control

In Development - Don't limit yourself to global account access controls. Whitelist separate IPs, create multiple user authentication methods, replace proxies and set a list of your own blacklisted URLs, all on a per-proxy basis.

Are you browsing the web? You need a proxy.

Start using dedicated proxy IPs to maximize internet security and performance.

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