Internet privacy at scale.

The best proxy network to process global internet traffic anonymously with granular control, no limits and no upstream monitoring.

What is a proxy network?
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GhostProxies™ handles over 320 billion anonymous internet requests per month.

Enhance your network with elite proxies.

Connect directly to broadband internet with our anonymous proxy gateway IPs.

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No throttling or limits

Our growing proxy IP network processes billions of requests daily with unlimited threads, unlimited dedicated bandwidth and unlimited devices.

Route your applications through our dedicated HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxy nodes with premium static tier-1 IPs and direct fiber optic internet connections.

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Built for high performance

Eliminate bottnecks for your users while browsing, crawling and processing web data.

GhostProxies™ uses a proprietary combination of disk I/O tuning, smart load balancing, proxy configuration settings, custom firewalls and dynamic reconfiguration scripts to achieve an unrivaled harmony of accelerated performance, throughput, security and reliability.

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Powerful server hardware

We use dedicated servers with grid computing, full redundancy and backup power generators instead of cutting costs with shared bandwidth and cheap micro servers.

Our proxy connections are the fastest and most reliable on the market with fully-dedicated 1G fiber optic broadband lines.

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Simple flat-rate pricing

Scale your proxies with no hidden pricing or bandwidth usage charges.

Enjoy unlimited usage with a single monthly flat rate price, based on how many static IPs you need for your network.

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We put the control in your hands with a custom, powerful proxy control panel and API.

The most powerful proxies in the world.

Unlimited connections. Unlimited dedicated bandwidth. Premium IPs.

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Dedicated Fiber Optic Proxies

Buy dedicated proxies with static tier-1 IPs and ultra-fast connections.