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Supercharged Dedicated Proxies

Buy private dedicated proxies with unlimited bandwidth, no throttling and a completely automated control panel with instant setup.

Remove internet limits using proxies.

Browse and crawl the web like a pro with secure, reliable dedicated proxy IPs.

Bypass blocked websites

Prevent Website Blocking

Popular websites will block your IP if too many connections are coming from the same network.

Connect through a dedicated proxy to keep your online reputation clean so websites don't block you by mistake when using a shared network or VPN.

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Harden Web Security

Just using a VPN isn't enough for cybersecurity and may expose your real IP while you browse the web.

Our dedicated proxies use a proprietary firewall configuration to hide your real IP address and automatically block threats from reaching your network.

Secure Your Network
Protect my IP
Stop bandwidth throttling

Stop Bandwidth Throttling

ISPs can throttle and slow down internet speeds at peak hours of the day when you need it the most, even if you're using a VPN.

Use a dedicated proxy to go from throttled to full throttle. Maximize your internet speed so you can focus on the important stuff.

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You've never used proxies like these.

All GhostProxies packages include the following cutting-edge features.

No Throttling or Limits

Our proxy IPs and configurations do not implement any type of hidden bandwidth throttling or restricted websites.

Quality Support

You'll recieve a prompt, passionate and professional response for any proxy-related service issue.

Instant Access

Start using your proxies within minutes after payment with automatic setup instead of waiting for days with no response.

Flexible Authentication

IP whitelisting and username:password authentication is available simultaneously for easy access.

Complete Privacy

We don't store any proxy access logs. Your real IP will be completely hidden and anonymous while you browse the web.

High Performance

Our industry-leading proxy servers are built and configured for millions of connections per minute with fast speeds.

Clean Static IPs

We know maintaining clean IPs and providing multiple subnets are important factors for a clean, working proxy service.

Custom Control Panel

Manage and scale your proxies in our simple, powerful dashboard built from the ground up.

We're Not Resellers

We're one of the few providers who maintains hundreds of thousands of proxy IPs with full control.

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